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Etsy! [26 Jun 2009|12:42am]

We're making some changes to the site but we're using etsy for now. Click on banner.

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Gothic Lolita [24 Jun 2008|07:45pm]

I was searching LJ/google to see if there were any other lolitas in Alaska (although I am 99% positive it is a resounding "no.") and I stumbled upon this community.

It lists gothic lolita as one of the interests, so are there any members who actually wear it?
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Party? [07 May 2008|09:08pm]

Hey, folks! I want to have people over.

Date: Friday, 16 May 2008
Time: 7:30-ish 'til whenever.
Where: My place; give me a call for directions: 317-NERD (6373)
What: I'll be drinking, you're welcome to join in*. I also plan on maybe a pizza or three, depending on who shows up. Soda will be provided, let me know your preferences.
I've got a Wii and about 5 party-style games for it. If you've got a Wii game you want to share, bring it along! (Smash Bros Brawl, maybe?) I also have all three Guitar Hero games (don't have 80's Encore) for the PS2, so if someone has a PS2 guitar they want to bring along, that'd be awesome (i've only got the one). I also have movies, if that's the route people want to take.

I've got several reasons for wanting to do this, but the main reason is to celebrate Jamie getting the hell out of our state and my freedom from her.

*BYOB, please. A sober driver is a condition of leaving this party. If you need it, i have an inflatable queen-sized mattress and the couch has recliners.
Additionally, alcohol will not be served to minors.
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Like to shop? [06 Feb 2008|02:23pm]

Hey everyone!

My name is Alexandra Olteanu, the PR intern at the Canadian fashion label. Since we are conducting extensive in-house research on the best places to shop for edgy clothes, I thought our community is one of the best places to ask about this. Thought you guys would enjoy participating in our project. All you have to do is tell us what are your favorite places to shop in your city and/or around the world!

Looking forward to hear about your likes.

Alexandra Olteanu
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[22 Jan 2008|09:01am]

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[21 Nov 2007|08:47am]


*sad face sad face*

Happy Tofurkey Day!
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Par-tay? [20 Oct 2007|12:37am]

Hey, folks. I need to do something this weekend - i'll be back home for the first time in a year, and my sister is in town, so we'll need to keep her entertained, too (don't worry, she drinks).

...Any suggestions? Bowling? Bars? Etc?

Put your two cents in!
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Birthday info SPAM [04 Oct 2007|01:30am]

[ mood | excited ]

We've (the birthday boy and I) have decided upon Saturday, October 13th for the birthday party.

We'll be at Al's. As soon as the upstairs opens, we'll probably migrate up there like we did last year and take over the couch rooms.

We're figuring an early start is fun... 7:30pm is when you can show up and expect us to be there.

This year, I've decided (especially after last year's traumatic experience and coupled with the fact that this year I'm single) that instead of birthday spankings, I will be seeking 27 birthday snoggings!

OOOoooOOOoohhh the fun that will be had *wicked grin*

See you there!

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[19 Sep 2007|10:22pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

So, I'm thinking Saturday for my birthday plans.

Movie: Resident evil the third sometime in the afternoon/evening, and drinks afterwards.

I'm hanging kinda busy until Friday, so I haven't had a chance to check movie times yet, but who wants aprox. what time?

I'm currently pondering drinks at my best friends house after the movie, then maybe bar afterwards (drinks at home = cheaper). She will likely be willing to be DD, though, space limited.

I suck at making plans, and usually go with the flow of things, so, figuring out my own b-day crap is slightly annoying, and likely the exact details will be procrastnated until the latest possible moment..... but that is what I have so far.


Who can come, who can't, who wants to, who will, who wants to strangle me (or give me my b-day spankings), and/or who has any suggestions for times, bars to go to, etc.

(cause, details suck)

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[05 Sep 2007|10:11pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

So, September 21st is my birthday. It's also the opening day for the third Resident Evil movie, Resident Evil: Extinction.

So, anyone interested in a GT? It's been a damn long time since we have had one, and this sounds like a perfect time for one.

Maybe bar for drinks afterwards. Cause, drinking after the Zombie Apocalypse sounds like a good idea.

(notes to self to rent/borrow the first two movies, as I haven't seen them yet.)

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copied from scared scriptless myspace bulletin [15 Dec 2006|03:30pm]


Come out and see Scared Scriptless do something COMPLETELY NEW! This benefit show will feature a new style of improv comedy that you have never seen us do before.
Scared Scriptless presents: COMEDY FOR A CAUSE

A Toy and Clothing charity drive for Partners in Homeless Education

Saturday, December 16th at 7pm
Alaska Wild Berry Products Theater

Across the street from the Sourdough Mining Company at 5225 Juneau street.

Admission is $10 or FREE with a tax deductible donation
of a new unwrapped toy or clothing for children ages 3-20.

This show will be a new format that you have never seen Scared Scriptless perform!
Come join in on the fun and help a great cause.

For more info visit www.ScaredScriptless.com
To find out other ways to help contact
Barb or Beth at the ASD Child In Transition/Homeless Project

Faithful Showgoer 'Bon' says: "do some good for the community, and get your many laughs on."


i was famous for 1.2 seconds :D . usually they perform at cyranos on the second saturday of each month. show usually starts at 10pm but i'd recommend getting there at least 1/2 hour early to be sure to get tickets and get a seat.
i used to go every chance i could a few years back, but have been unable to due to working late on saturdays. i was finally able to go last saturday and had a complete blast.
it would rock to see some people there this saturday :)

umm... thats it. the end.

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Survey says [09 Dec 2006|05:56pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]


First Name:Z
Female or Male:Female
Astrological Sign:Libra
City of Residence:Anchorage
Underground Scene/Stereotype/Label: Cowpunk


Favorite Color:Maroon
Favorite Type of Music:Industrial,punk,techno, new wave,show tunes, cowpunk
Favorite Musical Artist(s):Portishead, L7, Sonic Youth, Einsterezende Neubatuen (I know i spelled that all wrong),K.D. Lang, tones on tail,Devo,Kraftwerk...etc etc
Favorite Movie(s):Wild at Heart,Tank Girl,Being John Malkovich, Rude Boys, Near Dark, Suburbia
Favorite Hangout:It's not my favorite but I go to Myrna's cuz it's the only place to meet queers that I know of.


Hobbies:livejournal,working out,reading,dogsledding,hiking, flying around in planes
Pet Peeve(s):people who smoke near building entrances, people who drive drunk
Do You Like Ketchup: I LOVE It.
Quirks:outspoken. butch. over sensitive about my age.
not at the moment.

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B-Day party for Danielle Champagne [29 Nov 2006|08:37am]

For all of you who know me, and even those who don't. I'll be returning to Alaska the week of Feb 9th for my 25th birthday. The party will be on Feb 16th, 2007. It will be at the Palmer Train Depot, starting at 5pm, band kicks off at 8pm. I don't have the phone #'s or addresses for a lot of people so I couldn't send invitations to everyone. If you'd like one, send me an address. If you don't know me and wish to attned, the more the better. Bring your own beer. And please keep in mind it is my birthday so no picking fights or weapons allowed. It's appreciated. Those of you who are armed, I will just ask that you leave it in your car.

The band already signed up is Theory of Hate. I'm looking to snag another band or two for a good night of ear pounding music. Rock and Heavy metal is the genre. To for warn those who are sensitive to said music.

I hope to see a lot of friends there and possibly some new faces. Bring a guest if you'd like. No one under 18 please.


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[19 Oct 2006|08:59pm]

Poll #849134 Halloween

Choose and Perish!

Mad Myrna's Rocky Horror/Blood Fest (28th)
Techno Tasting Tour Anchorage Museum of History & Art (27th)
Screw you guys, I'm staying home!
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[19 Oct 2006|12:21pm]

This is so weird... Somehow Elysium deleted itself from my friend's page. WTF? 

~wonders if there are any plans for All Hallow's Eve?~

:://Edit:  Or at least that weekend Fri/Sat/Sun (October 27-9)\\::

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RAVEN!!! & Others [06 Oct 2006|05:43pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

So uhm... You still haven't added your old chum to your friends list yet... I hope you know this... So add me already!... So I can comment on your journal :)...

B-Day plans in the making... Returning home to the valley on Feb 9th... For possibly 2 weeks... I'm planning a HUGE B-day bash on the night of the 16th for myself (which kinds sucks, but whatever)... Details are not worked out yet, but things seem to be moving along smoothly...

Theory of Hate will be playing at this event... Also possibly Downseed and Motion to Action... You can find all 3 of these bands on MySpace... Check'em out and see if you'd be interested in attending... Alcohol will be present... Load music will be present... Along with lots of freaky, most likely drunk, 20 - 30 yr old people... :)

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Birthday partay. [05 Oct 2006|08:10am]

[ mood | crazy ]


@ Al's Karaoke Bar.

Saturday night (the 14th) following the Friday the 13th... which I might head out there that night as well. I haven't been out in ages, and why not just make a weekend of it! Plans are to show up semi-early (7-8pm) to grab one of the vip rooms or something so that we can have a comfy place to sit for all of us upstairs. I wish Al were still alive, I'd just ask him to reserve me a room or two... hrm, maybe Paul will.

It's a joint bday party for myself and Eddie (Faye's Fiance's best friend) who's bday is on the 16th and mine is on the 15th. Everyone is invited, I just want a lot of friends (something I've been removed from for quite a while now) and fun to bring in my New Year.

I'm actually really excited. Many of you made my birthday great last year, and I'm depending on you to do the same this year :p as I have always kind of shyed away from planning my own parties because usually no one shows up. At least I'll have Eddie there!

I would love to go out with you guys this weekend, but I know I'll be busy until the weee hours of Sat morning and then I have promised my 18 yr old sister a trip to the 5th Ave Mall at around 11am (I am honestly scared).

I hope to see you all come the 14th. I really do miss you guys/gals. Oh, and have fun with your dividend monies, my student loan ate mine.

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[04 Oct 2006|09:08pm]

Okay all...

general consensus is that SOMETHING must be done this weekend.

ANYONE have any ideas they wanna share with the REST of the class?
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trip [22 Sep 2006|09:48am]


Me and my fiance are taking a trip from New York City to Juneau/Anchorage from the September 23-October 1st. Are there any gothy type shops, bars or clubs to visit? Also anything you can recommend would be great (even if it's on the normal side!) You can reply here or e-mail me at bianca@biancaalexis.com

Can't wait to visit!!
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[20 Sep 2006|06:46pm]

this saturday the 23rd there will be a rather informal movie night to celebrate me getting one year older. said movie night will be housed at val's in the valley. it currently appears that its going to be a fairly small crowd, therefore ifen you want to liven it up a little by your presence you are more than welcome. but drop a line here if you are planning on it, as the older i get the less im inclined to complete surprises. pretty much anyone reading this is invited. im not yet sure of the time...likely i will post that either friday or saturday.
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